Practice Areas

Small Businesses:

We represent and comprehensively assist small, privately or family-owed businesses in Missouri, Illinois and beyond with their legal needs beginning with the creation of the  business, and advising business owners and entrepreneurs about legal issues that impact the day to day operation of the company, including mergers, acquisitions and sales or purchases of assets  of companies. Further, we specialize in assisting the owner(s) in transitioning their company to the next level or to the next generation of owners, etc.  Our small business clients range from one owner to multiple owners and employing from one employee to hundreds of employees.

Business Litigation:

When a business finds itself in need of an attorney to assist it when a dispute arises related to operation of its business, we work with the company to attempt to resolve the matter without the need of litigation if possible.  However, when litigation becomes the best or only option, we work to represent the company in court to obtain the best result possible under the circumstances.

Nonprofit Law:

We represent religious, charitable and educational organizations in connection with their ever-changing and unique legal needs.  While many issues that confront nonprofit organizations are similar to a for profit business, nonprofit’s have specific legal needs that require experienced legal professionals with knowledge regarding nonprofit law.  Our goal is to provide competent legal support that is in line with the values and goals of the organization.

Religious Freedom Law:

Religious entities have a number of unique rights, exemptions and privileges in the law that other entities are not afforded.  We work with religious entities to advise them of their rights (and responsibilities), and to assist them with protecting those rights (or discharging their legal responsibilities) when individuals or government agencies attempt to infringe upon them.

Real Estate Transactions and Litigation:

We advise and assist individuals, companies and nonprofits about legal needs related to real estate matters.  Whether it is in the area of contract drafting or review, lease drafting or review, assisting with lending documents, title documents, etc., we provide advice and counsel on how to properly handle real estate transactions from start to finish.  In addition, when a transaction does not go as planned, we provide assistance in enforcing the terms of real estate documents to assure that agreements are properly complied with.  We are also familiar with and assist developers and owners in the area of land use Law.

Estate Planning, Business Planning and Tax Planning:

Whether you are an individual in need of planning to transfer your investments and property to the next generation or you are a business, we work with you to determine the best course of action to accomplish your goals of avoiding unnecessary taxation, caring for your loved ones and/or planning for your  “golden years” in a manner that assures you have the legal documents in place to preserve and protect your hard earned investments, retirement assets and property.

Probate and Trust Administration:

When a loved one passes away, we work with representatives of the family to administrate the probate estate or trust in an efficient, orderly manner at the least possible cost.

Fiduciary and Trust Litigation:

If a dispute arises between beneficiaries or with a representative of an estate or trust, we assist individuals with either defending improper claims or pursuing claims obtaining what is rightfully theirs.

Other Areas of the Law:

We also have experience representing clients in the following areas of Law:  Administration Law, Employee Fringe Benefit Planning and Labor Relations (union and non-union).

Our firm is a group of seasoned attorneys and staff who make it a point to be available to and responsive to our clients.  Our firm is large enough to meet most of your legal needs (including referring you to other attorney-specialists) as well as small enough to provide you with the personal service you need deserve in having your needs for legal services met without the for departments, formal hierarchy or high fees.

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